Carpet Cleaning Faqs

Q: How long will it take my carpets to dry?
A: Drying time can range from 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the cleaning method used. Seasonal conditions, fiber type, and level of soiling also need to be taken into consideration for an accurate estimation. However, if you need rapid drying, Steam Sweepers will accommodate your needs.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Our prices reflect the amount of time we estimate it will take a trained and certified carpet cleaner to complete the job.  After you receive a written estimate from us, we will NEVER charge more than a written estimate.  In fact we will discount the work if it takes less time than we figured. The following conditions and or options will be evaluated for your free written estimate.

  • What is the fiber type and condition of the carpet? Light, moderate, heavy, or compacted heavy soiling?
  • Are there pet stains or odors that need to be treated?
  • Will the carpets be vacuumed before we arrive?
  • Will we be moving and blocking furniture or would you prefer we clean around and between?
  • Which cleaning method will we use?
  • How many rooms, halls, and stairways will be cleaned? What size are they?
  • What will be the logistics of setting up our equipment?
  • Will there be use of Scotchgard /Dupont Teflon fiber protection?

Q: Is Steam Sweepers certified to clean carpets under warranty?
A: Yes, in fact we are an IICRC certified firm, and all our technicians are certified carpet cleaners or in the process of certification.

Q: Do you use “green” products?
A: Steam Sweepers has many green products and solutions available. “Steam is Green”—our fresh water rinse is superheated and requires no chemicals whatsoever.

If you have further questions please call us at (360) 647-9290. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have.