Carpet Cleaning Process

When Steam Sweepers LLC  was established in 1996 we provided our customers with a carpet cleaning processes that meet their needs. We invested in the latest of Truck Mount Steam Extraction technology which met or exceeded the major carpet manufactures requirements for a deep residue-free carpet cleaning process. We continue to invest in the latest technology even today. Most manufactures do not recommend Dry Cleaners for warranty purposes. However an alternative carpet cleaning processes  do have unique applications in today’s fast paced society (such as fast dry time). Today Steam Sweepers  is able to provide both Truck Mount steam cleaning and alternative Dry Cleaner methods. We offer Bellingham and Whatcom County residents real choices and value to meet their life style or carpet warranty needs.

  1. TRUCK MOUNT EXTRACTION (Carpet manufacturer recommend/HWE)

External Truck Mount Extraction
Also known as carpet steam cleaning or HWE (Hot Water Extraction), this method is the only one that provides a deep, residue free cleaning. Dry time is determined by the power of the equipment itself and the skill of the technician using it. Steam Sweepers uses the leading edge truckmount equipment that recaptures over 95% of the super-heated (up to 260* f) fresh water used. Our carpet  technicians receive continuous training, making them the best in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County. The powerful extraction and fresh-water rinsing properties of our premier Truck Mount equipment means that your carpets will retain their original residue-free luster that is safe for children and pets to play on.

Bonnet or Absorbent Pad
Generally referred to as “dry cleaning”, bonnet cleaners are VLM (Very Low Moisture) method that Steam Sweepers uses either for maintenance between deep cleanings, or in cases where rapid dry time is an urgent concern. A common method in commercial settings, this process provides a great surface clean of carpet fibers. A bonnet cleaned carpet generally dries within an hours. This is a “Dry clean process”.

A newer cutting edge dry clean technology that produces Very Low Moisture, this method removes soil while improving overall carpet appearance. Using two counter-rotating brushes to capture dirt, this  process is often perfect in commercial and residential settings where there is light traffic lane soiling, or when dry time is an important concern. Most carpets are dry in about 30 minutes.