Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning
Steps taken by our IICRC upholstery technicians:

  1. Fabric Identification:
    1. Natural fibers: cotton, wool, silk, etc.
    2. Synthetic fibers: polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc. Micro Fiber falls into this category.
  2. We brush your upholstered furniture down with a soft (horsehair) brush:
    Dust, crumbs, hair, and other micro in-solubles gets wedged between the woven fibers of the fabric and become lodged. A light brushing loosens these particles so they can be removed prior to wet or dry cleaning.
  3. Our Truck Mount vacuum system will then be incorporated into the process:
    Removing dust and hair prior the wet or dry upholstery cleaning dramatically improves the finished work tremendously. Many companies attempt to save time by skipping this very important step.
  4. Check for Colorfast:
    We test for colorfastness on all natural fibers around inconspicuous areas.
  5. We determine solutions to be used base on two factors:
    1. Colorfast results.
    2. Natural or synthetic fiber.
  6. Proceed with the appropriate upholstery cleaners and solutions. The results of fabric identification and colorfast will determine which upholstery cleaning processis most appropriate:
    1. Dry Cleaner solvents are used in very rare cases due to health concerns and environmental concerns.
    2. Truckmount Hot Water Extraction would be used for synthetic fibers.
    3. Dry Foam upholstery cleaning such will incororated with white or off white cotton fibers.
  7. Many upholstered fabrics need to be groomed for a proper finishing touch. Micro Fibers and Crushed Velvet’s are just a couple examples of fabrics that need special attention.

NOTE: Some upholstered fabrics such as pure white cotton, micro fiber, crushed velvet, silk and others require us to clean them in our Oriental and Specialty Rug Facility. We are very picky upholstery cleaners and the above mentioned fibers need to dry rapidly to insure problems don’t occur, such as water spotting and or fiber distortion. We like to say “the upholstery isn’t clean until it’s dry and clean”. Once the fibers are dry we then have the opportunity to correct any possible issues.


If your upholstery needs to be cleaned here in our rug plant we do offer pick up and delivery services.

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