Rug Repair

Rug Repair

Finding quality rug repair in Bellingham is difficult.  Rug Repair is a specialty service probably just as important as rug cleaning to maintaining the life of your rug. We are rug cleaning experts but we see so many rugs that we are very familiar with rug repair needs and have a long standing relationship with a rug repair company and master weavers who can repair the wear and tear your rug will experience over the years.

Common Rug Damage

Rug Edges. Rug sides and ends are particularly vulnerable to damage. Rug edges act as the transition area from hard wood to rug surface. They tend to receive quite a bit of stress and wear, especially in homes where shoes are worn and the rug is not rotated regularly. Over time the sides of the rug may need to be whipped or the fringe repaired. There are a couple of options to fix this damage. Fringe can be sewn on to a rug end or the rug can be shortened to expose the warp yarns so a new fringe can be created, the latter option being more costly.

Moth Damage. An improperly stored rug is very vulnerable to moth damage. Moths like to hide in dark area where people don’t walk and the most common places they nest are beneath sofas and skirted chairs. One way to protect your rug that is partly covered by a table or sofa is to rotate it regularly. Moths can do tremendous damage to a rug in a relatively short period of time. Moth damage requires the work of a master weaver due to the technical nature of the repair.

Dry Rot. Dry rot causes the wool and cotton fibers to become weak and brittle, making the rug very susceptible to tears and holes. Dry rot is typically caused from moister being present for an extended period of time. Planters can wreak havoc on a rug; wool and cotton fibers love moisture and they can draw enough moisture from an improperly protected planter to cause dry rot in your area rug. Dry rot can cause holes the size of dinner plates and they need to be patched and repaired by a master weaver.

Unfortunately there are no “Master Rug Weavers” for rug repair needs in Bellingham or all of Whatcom County; as a matter of fact we don’t have one north of Seattle. However; we are fortunate because Seattle has a company named D.A Burns which has been in business for 100 years. I have been sending my customers to their master weaver since 1996 with great results. Visit their website:

Please call with any questions (360) 647 – 9290


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