Fiber Protection

Fiber Protection with One Year Spill Protection Plan

An advanced Fiber Protector made for fine wool rugs will extend the useful life of your rug. These products optimize your vacuum’s efficiency, help prevent spills from becoming stains, and make future cleanings more effective. When we apply this product to your fine rug, we provide a one year protection plan. What does this Protection Plan mean to you? For one year from the date of cleaning, we will attempt to remove any spill from your rug- at no cost to you.

Wool Fiber Protection

Lanolin or wool grease is what gives wool a natural repellency towards water and some stains. After wool has been sheared graded and sorted the wool is scoured. Scouring the raw wool removes suint, vegetable matter, sheep marking fluids, urine, excredia, sand ointment and most of the wool grease. Wool grease left after the scouring/cleaning process is called lanolin.

Only .5% of lanolin resides in the wool fibers after processing. While lanolin is one of nature’s best repellency coating it does degrade after  years of foot traffic , vacuuming, cleaning, spotting  and UV light.

We have products formulated specifically for wool fibers that have lost or degraded natural repellency. Our product provides an invisible barrier between spills and wool fibers giving you a window of opportunity to blot a spill before permanent damage is done.

Has your rug has lost its natural ability to repel spills? Try this test:

1.       Prepare a teaspoon of water.

2.      Carefully and slowly poor onto your rug in a traffic area.

3.       Allow water to pool or bead-up onto the surface of the wool rugs pile.

4.       Let the water set for five minutes.

5.       Is the water still beading up on top of the fibers? If the answer is yes, you still have enough natural protection.

 Wool fiber protection should be a consideration if the water has absorbed into the rugs fibers.

With fiber protection

Without fiber protection