Anacortes Rug Cleaning & Pick up Services

Anacortes Rug Pick-up Schedule

Mondays – Every Two Weeks
Cost: Only $25.00 round trip.

Our delivery schedule for Skagit County begins early in the morning; however we arrive on Fidalgo Island around lunch time. Often our first stop in Anacortes is at Gere-A-Deli for lunch! Our pickup services sometimes start at the Ferry Terminal so we may accommodate our customers in the San Juan Islands. Last but certainly not least we service several local neighborhoods in and surrounding Anacortes.

Carpet cleaners will surface clean my rugs in my home.

Fine rug cleaning procedures cannot be administered properly in a home. It is impossible to thoroughly clean an area rug without the proper equipment, procedures, and facilities for drying. If anyone tells you they can professionally clean your area rug in your home, ask them if they can afford to purchase it from you before they start. A professional carpet cleaner will refer you to a certified rug cleaner or decline to clean your rug at your residence.

Why shouldn’t I hire a local rug cleaner in Anacortes?

Unfortunately at this time Anacortes doesn’t have a local company capable of immersing wool and silk area rugs. We are one of a very few companies with the facility, technical knowledge and the experience to wash a fine rug. As a matter of fact several carpet cleaning companies utilize our services for their own customer’s rugs.

Please Note:

The cost for round trip of our services is $25.00. The square footage of your rug (or multiple rugs) must total at least 100 sq. ft. for the listed pricing.


Rug 1:10X8 = 80 Sq. Ft.
Rug 2: 4X6 = 24 Sq. Ft.
24 Sq. Ft. + 80 Sq. Ft. = 104 Sq. Ft.
Total square footage = 104 Sq. Ft.