Everett Rug Cleaning and Pick-Up Service

Everett Rug Cleaning – Pick-up Days and Times:
Wednesdays between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm

If you have over 150 square feet or more of rugs that you need cleaned or washed, we’ll pick up and deliver the rug back to you for FREE! Whether it’s a single large rug or many rugs that total up to 150 square feet, we’ll pick up and deliver the rug(s) for FREE as part of our courtesy rug-cleaning and rug-washing services throughout Everett.

Here at Steam Sweepers, we specialize in a centuries-old technique of rug washing called cold water immersion. This time-tested technique of rug washing is labor intensive but the results are unmatched. We guarantee we can restore beauty and value to your wool rugs here at Steam Sweepers through this cold-water immersion process. Steam Sweepers can wash out the filth and odors that have been lodged deep into your rug’s foundation–guaranteed.

Cold water immersion washing, also known as hand washing, removes dirt and odors from rugs — guaranteed!

Everett Rug Cleaning

Immersion Cold Water Rinsing

Everett Rug Washing

Our Drying Tower expedites rug drying to within 24 hours.

Everett Free Rug Pick Up and Delivery