Oak Harbor Rug Pick Up and Cleaning Services

Oak Harbor Rug Pick up Schedule

Tuesday – Every Two Weeks

As our delivery van crosses Deception Pass into Island County, the first stops are often in neighborhoods just outside of Oak Harbor. Per capita, Oak Harbor has more fine rugs than other communities primarily because of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. Many sailors bring fine area rugs home after their tours of duty and thus require the services of a professional rug cleaner.

We have several carpet cleaners right here in Oak harbor! Why should I use your services?

You are correct in that you do have many carpet cleaning companies in and around Oak Harbor, but remember there is a huge difference between a carpet cleaner and a certified rug cleaning expert. If a carpet cleaner tells you they can clean your area rug in your home, ask them if they can afford to purchase it from you before they start cleaning your rug. A professional carpet cleaner will refer you to a rug cleaning expert or decline to clean your rug at your residence. Remember carpet cleaners clean! And area rug cleaners wash!

Why not hire a rug cleaner here in Oak Harbor?

Like many other small communities, Oak Harbor does not have enough volume in area rugs for a company to justify the investment needed to wash area rugs. It is impossible to thoroughly clean an area rug without the proper equipment, procedures, and facilities for drying. Even with proper rug washing equipment it takes years of hands on experience with rugs from around the world to master the art of washing fine rugs.