Tile and Grout Cleaning

Forget the tedious labor of scrubbing your dirty tile and grout lines, hoping in vain to restore your tile floors and countertops to their original crisp shine and beauty with house hold tools and solutions. Once soils and spills have penetrated tile and grout pores, it’s all but impossible to remove the accumulated filth and contaminants with mops and brushes.

Steam Sweepers is a premier tile and grout restoration cleaning company located in Bellingham, serving all of Whatcom County. Our restoration cleaning process has saved many of our customers thousands of dollars in remodeling costs. Call us before you spend thousands replacing dirty and stained tile and grout that can be restored.

Tile and Grout floors
Steam Sweepers can clean ceramic tile, porcelain tile, travertine, slate, granite and other stone and tile floors.

Tile and Grout Counter Tops
Steam Sweepers can restore countertops to a crisp clean shine.
Spills, cooking grease and household cleaning chemicals accumulate over the years leaving your grout lines discolored with unhealthy accumulations of filth and grime.

Tile and Grout Showers
Steam Sweepers specializes in all aspects of shower restoration cleaning.

Whatcom County residents use well water that is hard and thus causes real problems with tile and grout. Hard water deposits can build up over time causing an unpleasant dull look that many mistake as soap scum. Rust is another problem that plagues grout lines in county showers, leaving a dark stain that only a professional can remove. Whether you live in Whatcom County or the city, mold is a persistent problem in many showers.

tile and grout cleaning


Tile and Grout cleaning