Residential Upholstery Cleaning

The combination and accumulation of dust, body oils, and spills will shorten the life span of fine upholstered furniture and provide for an unhealthy indoor environment.

Steam Sweepers protects and prolongs the life and beauty of upholstered furnishings. Regardless of whether it is your favorite EZ Chair or an heirloom silk divan, Steam Sweepers skilled IICRC certified upholstery cleaners have the knowledge and solutions to restore your upholstery to its natural vibrant beauty. Our new facility is located on Irongate road in Bellingham, allowing us to serve all of Whatcom County.

Our Procedures:
Steam Sweeper’s IICRC certified upholstery cleaning technicians understand that fiber identification is a key component in the steps taken to achieve superior results. Only after the fabric has been identified (cotton, polyester, etc.) can we determine and proceed with the proper solution and cleaning method. Due to the wide variety of different fabrics used on upholstered furniture, it takes a skilled technician to determine the correct solution, so as to achieve superior results. For instance, if a cotton fabric couch were to be cleaned using solutions developed for synthetic fabric, the results could be disastrous. Conversely, if a synthetic fabric were to be cleaned with a solution designed for cotton, the results would be poor quality. Some upholstery cleaners will choose to take the safe approach (inferior results). If you took the safe approach by washing a load of heavily soiled whites in cold water with no bleach your results would be less than satisfying. Call Steam Sweepers for superior results.

Regardless of the method used our technicians first and foremost concern is protecting your belongings and respecting your home.

NOTE: Some upholstery cleaning projects, such as pure white cotton, crushed velvet, silk and others will require us to clean them in our Oriental and Specialty Rug Cleaning Facility located at:
3620 Irongate Road
Bellingham, WA 98226