5 Simple Rug Care Tips

Regular Vacuuming

  • Vacuum at least once a week but If your rug is located in a heavy traffic area it should be vacuumed at minimum two days weekly.
  • Orientals with fringe must be done with care. Make a couple passes across the width along the fringe so as to avoid damaging the fringe.
  • Be sure to periodically vacuum the back of the rug with the beater bar set low. The beater-bar from the vacuum will dislodge and loosen debris deep in a rugs foundation thus providing superior vacuuming results from top side vacuuming. Remember to raise the beater bar when vacuuming the top side.

Spotting Wool Area Rugs

  • Fresh spills and spots should be blotted with a clean dry white cotton before attempting any rug spotting.
  • Make sure your spotter is wool safe before use.
  • I have a rug care tips spotting guide you can use.

Area Rug Pad

  • Reduces the likelihood of slip and fall injuries.
  • Increases the life of your investment by placing a barrier between the rug and floor.
  • Friction between your hard surface flooring acts like sandpaper to both your floor and the rugs foundation. Over the long run the floor wins.
  • A quality pad will allow the rug to breath providing air movement. This is very important in older home where moisture creeps through the floor joists of wet crawl spaces. It is also important for Orientals placed on slab floors to breath.

Rotate Area Rugs

  • Rotate your area rugs one a season.
  • The UV light from the sun very slowly fades both natural and synthetic dyes. You will regret not rotating when you decide to sell it or move it to another location your home. No rug cleaning expert can fix something that’s gone, the color.
  • Another good reason to move your woven wool carpets is moths. Moths love to eat rugs where people never walk. Rotation will keep those hungry buggers away.
  • Fiber wear is the biggest culprit in a rugs diminished value and life. Human traffic patterns are very consistent in homes and these traffic patters wear the wool fibers right down to the foundation. Wear can completely destroy an Oriental  in a matter of years rather than decades if not rotated regularly.
  • Rotating is the most important of all rug care tips because if you do this one thing a rug cleaning expert help.

Rug Cleaning

  • Oriental rugs should be cleaned or washed every one to two years depending on the amount of traffic.
  • Use a certified rug cleaning expert when having your rugs washed.
  • Most wall to wall carpet cleaning companies do not have the knowledge, facilities or equipment to properly wash a fine rug.
  • DO NOT surface clean a wool rug in home.
  • If you follow these rug care tips your Oriental carpets will last generations.
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