Wool area rugs can accumulate several pounds of soil and dusty grit which can cause color fade and fiber damage if not removed. At Bellingham’s Only Rug Cleaning Facility, our customers are always shocked when they see the amount of dry soil removed before the washing or cleaning of their rug.

At Steam Sweepers of Bellingham we remove the dust and grit with a mechanical rug beater, and to be assured, its not a vacuum cleaner. This is a vital step in rug cleaning and is missed with on location rug cleaning methods.

Any dust and grit not removed becomes a muddy mess that lodges itself in the the rugs foundation. After the rug has dried the mud-dust will harden and your rug will loose much of its its useful life. Fine rugs last decades when professionally washed

On site rug cleaners do not remove the grit from your rugs foundation and can only do a light surface carpet extraction or dry cleaning methods, neither is accepted in the professional rug cleaning industry.