Wine Stains Removal & Clean Up in Bellingham & Anacortes, WA

At Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning, we understand that accidents happen. When that accident is spilling a glass of wine on your area rug, any resulting stains can be stubborn and unsightly. Fortunately, our crews can remove wine stains from area rugs without impacting the original color and beauty of your fine rug. Our pickup service operates in AnacortesMount VernonBurlingtonOak HarborStanwood, and other cities we serve in Northwest Washington.

The natural dyes of red grapes have beautiful colors, tones and depth when used in an artful manner. On the other hand, a wine spill on a wool rug can become a permanent undesired feature of your rug if not addressed immediately. To remove a wine stain properly without damaging the natural fibers, an immediate response is needed, avoid scrubbing a wine stain because that can make it permanent, especially on a wool or silk rug. To learn more about our cold-water immersion process and restoration services, contact Steam Sweepers today by calling 360-762-3020. You can also click here to schedule wine stain removal & clean-up services today.

Wine Stains Clean Up in Bellingham, WA

What NOT to do with a Wine Spill

  • Don’t use a carpet spotter on the spill.
  • Do not dry the surface fibers.
  • Don’t take the rug outside and hose it down.
  • Avoid scrubbing the spot.

Steps to Help Mitigate a Wine Spill

  • Use a white cotton towel and blot the spot.
  • Moisten a white towel with a 70/30 mix of water & white vinegar.
  • Place the moist towel over the spot & bring your rug to us ASAP.

Most wine spills can be removed with our cold-water immersion process if addressed immediately while the spill remains wet. A dried wine stain is more difficult to remove with any cleaning process. The wine stain then becomes a restoration plan. Call us now at 360-762-3020 or click here!

Wine Stain Removal Process

Our Wine Stain Removal Process

Steps we take in removing a wine stain include:

  • Our team inspects the affected area to determine if the stain has penetrated the rug’s foundation.
  • We determine whether the rug is made of wool, silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers.
  • If the spill is still moist and the dyes of the rug are colorfast, we will immediately proceed with cold-water immersion washing to remove the wine stain.
  • If the stain is dry, we use chemicals to remove the grapes’ natural dyes from your rug. Once the stain has been mitigated, the rug will be immersion washed in fresh water to completely remove all chemical residue left after removing the wine stain.
Rug Cleaning Process

Why Choose Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning in Bellingham, WA?

Our team consists of skilled technicians with 60 years of combined experience in stain removal. We utilize eco-friendly cold-water immersion solutions to deliver superior results without harming the natural fibers of your rug or the environment.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with every step we take. We offer emergency rug pick-up services to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Rely on Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning in Mount Vernon, Oak Harbor, & Stanwood

Don't let wine stains ruin the beauty, value, and luster of your fine textile. Our wine stain removal and cleanup services are available for area rugs in Anacortes, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Oak Harbor, Stanwood, and other cities we serve throughout Northwest Washington. When you need our help, contact Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning today by calling 360-762-3020. You can also click here to schedule wine stain removal services online.


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