Moth Damaged Area Rug Repair in Bellingham & Mount Vernon

Moth Damaged Area Rug Repair in Bellingham & Mount Vernon

Many area rug owners are heartbroken when they discover moth damage. The moth damage itself occurs over time, like termites in homes walls, you won’t discover you have a problem until looking closely. If you find you have moth damage to your area rug, we can pick it up or you can take the rug to our Oriental rug washing facility. We’ll determine the extent of moth damage, provide an estimate for rug repairs if needed, clean and protect your treasured rug from further moth damage.

For moth damaged area rug repair, choose Northwest Washington's top area rug professionals at Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning. Our Immersion rug cleaning & repair services are available in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Stanwood, Oak Harbor, and throughout our service area.

Call 360-762-3020 to schedule a pick-up and delivery to have your area rug cleaned, treated, and protected. If you suspect an infestation, ask about our moth-damaged area rug repair and prevention solutions.

Rug Moth Damage Occurs

Why Rug Moth Damage Occurs

We find signs of minor to moderate moth damage on over half of the wool area rugs that come into our Oriental rug wash plant for rug cleaning. We see major moth damage with rugs stored for long periods of time without proper protection and wrapping. Improper storage can destroy wool rugs whether from insects, pests, mold, or carpet moths. Rugs that have animal contamination such as dander or pet urine are magnets for momma moths to lay her eggs.

Where do carpet moths lay their eggs?

  • Wool rugs that are stored in dark areas.
  • Rugs with little human traffic.
  • Homes with pets.

Most common areas where customers experience damage from moths are:

  • Large rugs with sofas, beds or tables placed over them. It’s dark with no human traffic. These rugs should defiantly be rotated once a year once.
  • Wool runners are typically placed in hallways where the foot traffic is down the center of the rug and it’s a darker space. The sides, or selvage of the rug are prime areas for moth infestation.
  • Rugs placed in rooms that are rarely used, such as guest rooms or formal dining rooms.
  • Any wool rug with animal urine.
  • Rugs that have been stored more than a couple months.

Significant damage can be avoided if area rugs are watched or inspected regularly for any signs of moth infestation or damage. Thorough cleaning, rotating the rug and frequent vacuuming will help control, or prevent moth-damaged area rugs.

Moth Damage Warning Signs

Moth Damage Warning Signs

Moths are small and sneaky, so seeing them or catching them in the act of laying eggs is rare. Typically, if you spot a rug in your home, it’s highly likely you have a significant moth infestation. Keep your eyes open and look for these signs.

  • Missing or loose wool tufts especially along the sides of wool rugs
  • A loose sandy like substance, which is actually larva feces.
  • Larva casing, they resemble the shape of a grain of rice. Many times, these casing are the same color as the rugs wool tufts that the larva consumes. Hard to spot unless on hands and knees.

Trust Steam Sweepers For Moth Damaged Rug Repair in Northwest Washington

For assistance with moth-damaged area rugs, we are your experienced solution for professional repair. Call Steam Sweepers at 360-762-3020 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. Additional services include rug repair, rug cleaning, pet odor removal, and many more.

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Steam Sweepers provides extensive area rug protection against moths or other rug pest damage for homes or businesses in Bellingham & Mount Vernon, WA.


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