Pet Urine Removal from Rugs in Bellingham and Mount Vernon, WA

Tufted Rug and Woven Rug

We love pets and sometimes our four-legged family members don’t cherish our area rugs in the same manner we do. Whether it’s our puppy or kitty who’s become a new family member and is still learning the ropes, or our beloved senior dog that’s become suddenly incontinent or sick, we can help. Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning has nearly three decades of knowledge and the experience your fine rugs deserve. Our pets are precious companions, but they can do a number on our favorite rugs.

If you own a woven rug, we can guarantee odor removal. As you can see in the photo above all woven rugs have a pattern of the rugs design visible on the backside. These area rugs are candidates for our proprietary immersion washing process and our Odor Removal guarantee. Woven rugs can be hand knotted or machine made, It could be a Persian wool hand knotted rug crafted in Iran or machine-made area rug from China. If you can see a pattern on the backside, it’s a woven rug.

Tufted rugs are constructed differently, we do not offer odor guarantee with these rugs. A tufted rug has a secondary backing that’s typically glued to a primary backing of the rug. These rugs are not candidates for our immersion washing process. They can be cleaned for a brilliant visual appearance, but the odor can’t be removed.

Why Us For Pet Odor Removal?

We are known for our results throughout Northwest Washington when it comes to the specialty service of removing pet odors from rugs. We get it right every time.

  • We guarantee odor removal: Our proprietary process of removing odors has taken nearly 30 years to develop. Cold immersion rug washing removes odors.
  • Experience: Our team has collectively over 60 years of experience removing pet odors from pet staining.
  • Pet Urine unhealthy: Ammonia is a byproduct of urine and can cause respiratory problems if inhaled.
  • Removal vs Deodorization: Deodorization is a process that masks odors by applying a product (deodorizer) that overcomes the urine smell with another odor such as citrus or flowers. At Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning we remove odors and do not apply deodorization products.
  • Our Pick-up and drop off service makes it easy for large rugs. For almost three decades our proprietary odor removal process has provided guaranteed results and happy customers throughout Whatcom, Skagit, Island Counties and San Juan Islands.
  • Effects Pet Urine Can Have Your Area Rugs

  • Dye Colors Bleed: Urine is acidic. Both Natural and synthetic dyes are acidic. When urine is deposited onto rugs the dyes and urine are chemically attracted to one another. Combined, this provides an environment where they become one together. As the urine ages microbial bacteria builds, and the urine deposit becomes alkaline. Acid dyes don’t like an alkaline environment, and colors will begin to run.
  • Moth Infestation: Wool and pet urine are both protein-based foods for moths and their larva, this is a magnet for carpet moths. Unfortunately, the moths are rarely ever seen laying their eggs. When hatched the moth larva will slowly consume your rug.
  • Pet Urine Odor: Odors are intensified with heat and humidity.
  • Color Fade: Pet Stains will fade dyes.

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Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning is a locally owned and operated rug cleaning specialist for pet odor removal from area rugs, no matter the rug size, design, dyes, or fiber type. Trust us for the best, most reliable rug cleaning, care, and repair across our Washington service area. Call at 360-762-3020 or contact us online to book an appointment with a Steam Sweepers rug pet odor removal specialist.


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