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Rug Stain Removal in Bellingham, Whatcom, Skagit & Island Counties.

A stain on your area rug can be permanent if not addressed immediately. Let’s be clear here, many products such as red wines, grape juices, food condiments like mustard, ketchup all have natural and synthetic dyes. Wool area rugs accept these dyes and they become part of the rug once those dyes are set. If you were to splash a glass of red wine or drip some mustard on a white blouse or shirt and immediately threw it in the washing machine, your odds are good for removal. It’s no different with your area rugs and stain removal. Once the stain is set, no rug cleaning procedure will remove it. Strong chemicals that mitigate rug stains cannot be used in the rug cleaning process; because, if they were, the dyes in your rug would lose luster and beauty.  

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What To Do With A Potential Rug Stain Spill?

water and coffee stain on rug
  • Do not use a carpet spotter on a natural fiber area rug such as wool, silk or cotton.
  • Grab a white cotton towel for blotting. Blot until you don’t see color transfer of the stain.
  • Apply a clean moist white cotton towel over the affected area.
  • Bring your rug to our wash plant immediately or utilize our pick-up services.
  • Once the stain is set your rug becomes a restoration project because rug cleaning will not remove natural or synthetic dyes.

For customers throughout our corner of Northwest Washington, Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning has been the go-to company for rug stain removal service. Our knowledge and experience restores beauty and value to rugs in Anacortes, Oak Harbor, La Connor, Bellingham, Blaine, and other cities that we serve. To learn more about us, dial 360-762-3020 or click here to schedule rug cleaning services or a stain removal today!

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Effects of Untreated Rug Stains

  • Permanently mars the beauty and value of your rug.
  • Diminished rug quality
  • Causes odors
  • Degrades the soft feel of the rug
  • Shortens a rug’s lifespan
  • Can lead to expensive restoration if not treated immediately
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Why Choose Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning?

Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning has been in the industry since 1996.Our experts are well-known for dealing with almost all kinds of famous rugs such as Persian, Chinese, or Antique rugs. What separates us from other service providers is our labor-intensive & centuries-old washing techniques. You can also get pick-up and drop-off services from us. Contact Us today if you have question about area rug stain.

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4.98 out of 571 reviews

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They did a great job! Got out red wine, green ink, and the general nastiness that comes with having 2 small children and a cat. Would definitely recommend! :)

Blaine, WA

Posted on CustomerLobby

Steam Sweepers cleaned our very unique living room area rug and it looks brand new! The were even able to clean and "restore" the matted down area where my husband's shoes left stains. Will definitely use them again.

Anacortes, WA

Posted on CustomerLobby

Steam Sweepers do a great job and their communication is excellent. Now I wish the cat would stop peeing on my rug!

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We make area rug cleaning easy for you. Whether you own a large Persian rug, a hand-knotted Chinese rug, a department store rug or maybe a house full of smaller woven rugs such as Karastan’s, we would be happy to schedule a pick-up. We service our hometown of Bellingham & Mount Vernon, all cities and townships in Whatcom, Skagit, and Island Counties. We meet our customers from San Jaun Islands in Anacortes. Also, a limited reach into Snohomish County, Stanwood. If your home is on the I-5 corridor between Blaine and Smokey Point our pick-up services can make rug cleaning easy for you.