Rug Cleaning, Wash & Rinse in Bellingham & Mount Vernon, WA

clean wash and rinse rug

Area rugs give your home added comfort, but over time accumulated soil acts like sandpaper and is wearing a rugs wool fiber with each step or pivot. Increased wear dramatically reduces a rugs life. Trapped dirt, stains and odors dull a rugs vibrant appearance. Regular vacuuming might not be enough. To revive your rug's previous beauty, there's reliable, professional cleaning assistance a call away. At Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning, our staff understands the correct processes involved in restoring beauty and value to family treasures. Our rug cleaning, wash and rinse system has exceptional results.

We don't simply surface clean a rug in your home as a standard carpet cleaning company would. Our deep-down cold water full immersion cleaning, wash and rinse process breathes new life into soiled area rugs that are overdue for professional care. Extend your rug's life, comfort, and appearance for years to come. Rely on Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning for an effective rug cleaning, wash and rinse. Call 360-762-3020 or contact us online to reach a Steam Sweepers rug cleaning, wash and rinse expert.

Signs You Need Professional Rug Cleaning in Mount Vernon & Stanwood

dirty rug cleaning
  • Visible dirt and wear: TWhen there’s visible dirt and wear on your rug it’s time to call. Regular vacuuming or cleaning is not enough to keep your rug clean. Our staff loves rug cleaning talk!
  • Unpleasant odors: If there is an unpleasant odor emanating from your rug or you have any previous history of experiencing a pet accident on your rug then you would need a professional rug cleaning experts’ advice. We guarantee odor removal on woven rugs.
  • Allergen issues: If you're experiencing allergen issues in your home or have respiratory disease, Immersion rug washing may help? Wool fibers in your rug act like a filtering system by collecting particulate matter from the air and capturing the allergens. Our Tumble Duster removes these particles, essentially cleaning your rug, that acts as a natural filtering system in the home.
  • Stubborn stains: When there are visible stains or spots on your rug, attempting to remove them yourself can permanently damage the area rug. Call us for free advice.
worker cleaning rug with equipment

Why Our Rug Cleaning, Wash & Rinse?

  • Preserves area rug life expectancy, restores beauty and value.
  • Eliminate musty odors from rugs
  • Improve rug cleanliness & allergen resistance
  • Removes rug dirt , grime, debris, soil, and odors
  • Stubborn rug stain removal
  • Efficient, our turnaround for immersion washing is quick considering the in-depth process.

Our Rug Cleaning Process in Bellingham & Mount Vernon

Our rug cleaning process includes five stages based on your rug type, soil level, and other factors. This process includes:

Step 1
professional rug inspection

Pre-Cleaning Rug Inspection

Inspection: A thorough rug inspection is done to know the existing condition of the rug. Spotting stains and areas that need special attention. We also identify the rug's fabric types so that we can select the most effective method for rug cleaning.

Evaluate Rug Fiber Strength: We check the overall strength of the rug to know what type of cleaning process it can withstand. This step also allows us to clean your rug preventing any fabric damage to it.

Step 2
dust removal

Professional Dust Removal From Rug

A high-powered dusting is done to remove dirt, debris, or pet hair from the rug's surface. Additionally, dusting also removes:

  • Removes Soil or Sand
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells
  • Removes Worn Rug Fibers
  • Removes Food Particles
  • Removes Moth Growth

This process prepares the rug for deep cleaning. It also ensures better indoor air quality for your home.

Step 3
preparing rug

Rug Cleaning Method Preparation

Evaluate Colorfastness & PH 

A Colorfastness test is done on the delicate rugs to ensure that they do not bleed during the cleaning process. After that, we measure the PH level of the rug to avoid rug damage and select an appropriate cleaning solution. After this process, we choose the cleaning method for your rug.

Step 4
cleaning and rinsing area rug

Area Rug Cleaning, Wash & Rinse

Apply Cleaning Solution: Choose the appropriate cleaning solution for your dedicated rug and apply it to your rug.

Thorough Cleaning: Based on the cleaning method, deep cleaning is done while removing dirt, stains, odor, and allergens.

Fresh Water Rinsing: The rug is rinsed with clean water to remove any cleaning solution that could damage your rug in the future.

Step 5
rolled rug ready for delivery

Final Step: Finishing Touches

Grooming: The rug is groomed carefully using specialized tools to restore its natural texture and appearance.

Tower Drying: With tower drying we ensure complete and even drying without any shrinkage.

Post-Cleaning Inspection & Delivery: A post-cleaning inspection is done to ensure that it is cleaned and dried properly. We ensure that your rug is in the best condition. After that, we deliver your rug to you.

Count on Us For Superior Rug Cleaning, Wash & Rinse in Stanwood

At Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning, our 60+ years of rug cleaning experience includes the knowledge and expertise to remove any stain or odor from your favorite area rug. Rely on us for effective rug cleaning, wash and rinse, rug repair, or rug pads and more for all types of rugs.

Our proven experience and quality results come with a 4.98/5 customer satisfaction rating. Call 360-762-3020 for superior rug cleaning, wash and rinse results. Contact us online for assistance in Anacortes, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Oak Harbor, Stanwood, and more Washington cities.

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