Protect Hardwood Floors

Protect Hardwood Floors

There are many ways to protect hardwood floors from normal wear and tear.  Most are common sense and require little effort or money to keep your floors looking like new for many years to come.

After purchasing and installing hardwood floors, consider buying walk-off mats and rugs to protect large areas of your floor from dirt, shoes and furniture.

To Protect Hardwood Floors:

Be Aware of Moisture Damage

While a major spill or flooding left on hardwood flooring would be cataclysmic, it is also not the most likely scenario. Most moisture damage caused to hardwood is from intense changes in weather. The humidity that can come along with summer heat or the dry winter air can both cause damage. If you have air conditioning, try to keep humidity levels constant throughout the year. If you don’t have air conditioning do your best not to over-heat the room in winter and keep windows open in the Summer.

Pay Attention to Changes

As hardwood is a natural wood product, some expansion and contraction in the plank should be expected. What you should watch for is “cupping”, where areas of the wood are rising up or dipping in. If an area of the wood floor feels uneven you should determine the cause of the problem before long-term damage is inflicted. These problems can occur because of excess humidity, a leak or sitting water. Once the root of the problem is identified and eliminated, you may be able to fix the damage by sanding down the cupped spot. If the damage has set in for a long time you may need to look at replacing the entire plank or even several planks in your flooring.

Keep it Shiny

There are many products on the market designed to keep your hardwood flooring clean and protected. Options include wood soaps and cleaners, waxes and even natural products like olive oil or a homemade concoction of water and vinegar. Many hardwood experts believe that natural products are best. Wax-based cleaners are useful but should be alternated with natural oils to avoid a waxy buildup.

Protect from Daily Wear and Tear

Your hardwood floors are vulnerable to scratches and worn finish from moving furniture, sharp shoes, pet claws, kids and toys. Use large area rugs to protect your floor from as much moving furniture as possible. Strongly consider putting cloth furniture protectors under the feet or legs of tables and chairs that sit directly on your hardwood. Furniture protectors are not all the same: there are “tap-on” type pads with a plastic or felt bottom, slip-on pads with the same type of bottoms or peel and stick pads.

Avoid wearing shoes inside that have sharp heels or that could scuff your hardwood. The areas that receive a lot of traffic will need to be maintained more diligently although some feel that the natural wear on a hardwood floor adds to its beauty.

Installing hardwood flooring into your home can be a wonderful investment along with adding to its beauty and character. When cared for properly a hardwood floor can be a beautiful fixture in your home for years to come.

While a rug is a great way to protect your hardwood floor, it also needs regular care. At Steam Sweepers we know fine rugs and how to restore and refresh them so you can enjoy their beauty for generations.

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