Oriental Kitchen Rugs – A Good Idea or Bad?

Oriental Kitchen Rugs

There is quite a lot of debate about whether quality area rugs belong in a kitchen – and most of it is centered around two things, the look versus the practicalities. If you’re looking for oriental kitchen rugs there are things you should think about before placing one there.

Granted, a gorgeous oriental rug can look wonderful here as anywhere else – in particular, the strong colors and patterns will contrast very nicely with what are usually, in most modern kitchens, the very plain surfaces and clean lines of the fixtures. On the other hand, those hard surfaces are really easy to clean and keep tidy, two things not usually true about Oriental rugs.

For a start, unless the house is totally child and pet-free, and the only people to set foot in the kitchen are exceptionally tidy and never, ever drop or spill anything, walk mud in from the garden or leave the vacuuming for more than a couple of days at a time (and let’s face it, that perfect household doesn’t exist) – the rug is going to get extraordinarily soiled. For that reason very delicate, very old or very expensive rugs are probably best used in another room. Any kitchen rugs must also be very firmly flat and non-slip, since the risks involved in tripping in this room are rather worse than elsewhere.

On the other hand, a well-made wool rug will actually withstand the rigors of use in a kitchen better than some made of cheaper materials such as sisal, for the simple reasons that wool is very durable and has natural stain- and water-resistant properties from the lanolin it contains. Thus it is extremely resilient and will often clean up well, while the cheaper versions often just absorb the stains and remain stained for ever more.

If some basic care rules are followed, such as vacuuming regularly and dealing with any spills and stains immediately and very thoroughly, oriental rugs will not only survive kitchen use more easily than some of the other possibilities, they can actually be of great assistance when there are stains that can’t be totally removed, because the vivid colors and eclectic patterns will, of course, help to hide their existence!

To help an oriental rug last, whether in a kitchen situation or not, immediate action with a wool safe rug spotter will help prevent the worst of the red wine, marinara and sweet-and-sour sauce stains from taking up residence – always make sure you use the correct cleanser for the stain in question! All Oriental rugs will need the attention of a professional rug cleaner and the rugs we place in the kitchen may need a little more care from a professional.

Of course, a modern rug made of man-made materials such as polypropylene, or perhaps a specific indoor/outdoor rugs will always be a much easier option – it can simply be taken outside and have the hose pointed at it or, if small enough, be thrown in the washer – and nowadays it is easy enough to source rugs of this type that have also been made to resemble an Oriental rug with the design patterns but of corse not the vibrant colors. The cost of these area rugs are pennies to the dollar of a hand knotted Oriental rug.

A fine machine made wool rug manufactured by Karastan would wonderful compromise. While technically not an Oriental rug, these rugs are of a high quality wool and therefore the coloring can be magnificent-giving the appearance of a genuine Oriental rug at a third of the cost.

Still, it seems the idea of having those original woolen Oriental rugs in the kitchen doesn’t need to be dismissed out of hand as quickly as it at first seemed it should; and therefore for those who love to have the beauty of the real thing in their homes, it is something that can be considered, after all.

If you have an oriental rug in the kitchen or anywhere else in your home just give Steam Sweepers a call for care and cleaning questions!


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