Oriental Rug Colors

Oriental Rug Colors

Oriental rug colors in new handmade area rugs varies significantly depending on the weaver and rug. These type of area rugs are finely made works of art and need to be cared for in a specific manner.

The caring and cleaning of a new handmade oriental rug requires a professional rug cleaning service, in order for oriental rug colors to stay beautiful through the years. You paid a lot for your new oriental area rug, in order for it to keep its value, it will need to be cleaned regularly by a professional with the knowledge and skill to do the job right. This job is critical if your new oriental area rug is to look as beautiful ten years from now as it does today.

This is especially true if you bought a quality rug from a top maker of the best oriental area rugs. Oriental rug colors will begin to fade, if they aren’t cleaned regularly, and this is the last thing you need.

Deciding to bring your new handmade oriental rug to a professional rug cleaner, with the skills and experience required to keep it looking new through the years is the best solution. A professional rug cleaning service will implement a specific regiment of steps in order to keep oriental rug color variations beautiful throughout the life of a new rug.

The steps required to keep oriental rug colors in perfect condition are very specific and you need to use the services of a professional rug cleaner to keep colors fresh and vibrant and also prevent premature wear.

Owners of new quality handmade oriental rugs should look for a professional cleaner implementing the following services in order to keep oriental rug color variations looking as new as the day they were purchased.

How to keep your oriental rug colors like new:

  • A professional rug cleaning service will inspect oriental rug color variations, knots, fringes, patterns, pile fiber and pile density in order to determine a rugs origins.
  • A close inspection of the colorfastness of a new oriental rug is required before determining the cleaning process.
  • A professional rug cleaner will inspect the overall condition of an oriental rug to determine the best cleaning or washing process.
  • Once this is completed, a certified rug cleaner will outline the cleaning process they plan on using.
  • The rug cleaner will mechanically dust your oriental rug in order to remove particulate matter.
  • Dry foam shampoo (dry cleaning) is sometimes used to clean some specialty rugs.
  • A mist and brush cleaning (dry cleaning) process is often used in the case of quality oriental rugs that bleed.
  • The rug cleaner may use absorbent pad cleaning in the case of handmade quality oriental rug that would bleed.
  • The preferred method and most often used by a certified rug cleaning expert is immersion washing. A centuries-old practice mastered by few rug cleaners.
  • Once cleaning/ washing is completed, the rug cleaner will rinse an oriental area rug using fresh water in order to remove any residue still present.
  • The rug cleaner will then do a little rug grooming, before implementing the drying process.
  • A drying tower will be used to hang quality handmade area rugs and allow them to dry properly.
  • After the Oriental rug is dry the fringe is then cleaned again before sending home.

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