We received three turn of the century Chinese area rugs today and I have to say, they are magnificent in color, quality and beauty. They just don’t make rugs today that compare. Each rug was from a different customer but one rug deserved a mention here today. A friendly gentleman that must of been in his early seventies  brought us a fine wool rug today that he is very attached to, and for good reason, it was his beloved grandmothers favorite rug and held special memories for him. He shared a fun memory of when  he would lay across the rug as a child and watch the colors change from light to dark as he wisp ed his hands across the forest green wool pile. I could imagine a child staring and drifting off too a place  adults can’t find anymore simply by watching sun light filter through fine wool pile on Gram’s rug.

One thing I really enjoy about my trade are the stories that are packaged with the area rugs we take in to clean and wash. Each week  customers bring us treasures, memories and stories that can’t be replaced and I’m honored folks feel comfortable leaving them in our trust and care. If I could refresh one memory by simply washing an area rug, that is reward enough for a long week.

Art Thomas