Knock Off Oriental Rugs

Knock Off Oriental Rugs

Chinese oriental rugs and other Asian based flooring textiles are extremely popular throughout the world. However, almost just as expensive are knock off oriental rugs. To the untrained eye, identifying the difference between knock off oriental rugs and the real thing can be difficult at best, and at times almost impossible. However, when spending a large sum of money on an oriental rug, it proves necessary to know what the differences are and how to correctly determine when a rug is in fact authentic or if it has been fabricated by a non traditional retailer.

Three Qualities of Knock Off Oriental Rugs

1. Hand Weaved vs. Machine Made

One reason Chinese oriental rugs are so desirable is because the rug is handmade and weaved by an artisan. This takes delicate time in order to produce such a rug. However, in order to make it profitable and worth while, knock off oriental rugs are produced with machine loom, this speeds up the process making fabrication much more profitable. Most machine loomed rugs will have hundreds of very symmetrical stitches running the length of the rug. The fringe is typically sewn onto the ends, this is very noticeable from the back side. In order to identify a hand weaved rug, look at the back side and you will notice the fringe actually emerges from the rugs structure rather than being sewn onto it. The rug pile knots are hand tied on a loom, one at a time, sometimes taking months. A machine produced knock off oriental rug is finished in moments with the help of a machine loom.These are just a couple noticeable difference between the two rugs and important factors to investigate when attempting to determine what kind of rug it really is.

2. Identical Design

One of the very best ways to determine if a rug really is authentic or not is during the buying process. While looking at different rugs, it is important to look to see if there is another rug that is identical to another. Original Chinese rugs are unique and are one of a kind. Each rug is slightly different than any other rug. This ranges from the colors used to the designs of the rug. If someone is shopping around and they notice there are two complete identical rugs in the area (or in the same store) it probably means the rugs are not authentic hand knotted rugs but are actually knock off rugs. Many knock off oriental rug manufacturers produce multiple rugs of the same design because it is easier to mass produce these and changing up the fibers takes a while to do. Larger sellers of the rugs might keep one of the twin rugs in storage until the current rug is sold, but with the help of the other signs of a knock off, it is possible to identify when one is a fake and when one is authentic.

3. Fake Silk

Silk is expensive but a common element in an authentic Chinese oriental rug. Many fake silk rugs are produced in Belgium with mercerized cotton, they are usually a very thin rug with a gold fringe that has been sewn to the machine loomed rug. Rayon is another fake silk which that’s used in the production of knock offs. While it is impossible to feel the difference between fake and real silk, it is possible to identify a fake silk weave. In an authentic silk oriental rug, the stitching (weft & warp) is usually  white or ivory and it is clearly different from the rest of the rug fibers. With an authentic rug, the fringe is always an extension of the internal foundation (warp yarn) of the rug. If your considering the purchase of a hand knotted silk rug consult with a reputable business.

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