Oriental Rugs in Bathrooms

Oriental Rugs in Bathrooms

Oriental rugs in the bathroom can be an excellent decorative accent to any bathroom. They provide an attractive yet practical centerpiece that traditional bathmats cannot achieve. Using a wool material bathroom oriental rug as opposed to cotton or synthetic fabrics, allows greater longevity for the rug given it’s environment. Wool fibers can absorb up to 30% of their weight in water and still feel dry. The natural lanolin’s in wool is uniquely stain resistant.

Maintenance is relatively low for a wool bathroom oriental rug due mainly to the two aforementioned benefits. Use of a rug pad will help prevent slip fall injuries and also allow the rug to breath thus allowing the are rug to dry out, as moisture in a bathroom is inevitable. There are, however, some soiling that is unique,  wool is great at hiding insoluble residues such as; hair, dust, dirt and other fibers and therefore requires regular vacuuming. It helps to have knowledge of an oriental rug’s origin before you select the perfect one for you’re bathroom; for instance most Afghan or Moroccan  rugs would be a poor choice in a bathroom because of there propensity of dye bleed and poor stability. Unstable dyes, colorfastness and construction need to be considered when choosing the perfect area rug. If you need help in deciding, confirming or eliminating a bathroom area rug please don’t hesitate to call Steam Sweepers, information is always free. Once you own an a bathroom Oriental rug there are general cleaning process’s that works well, depending on what type of area rug you own? Here are just a few techniques rug cleaning professionals utilize;

  • Mechanical Dusting: Removes harmful matter lodged deep within the rug’s fibers.
  • Rotary Shampoo with Water Extraction: A shampoo process and moisture extraction that is often used on rugs that do not need a full water submersion method.
  • Dry Foam Shampoo: A 10% moisture 90% air shampoo method used on rugs and carpeting that require special attention to buckling, dimension stability, or low colorfastness.
  • Mist and Brush: When bleeding is an issue, this is a post-cleaning method used on many bright colored rugs.
  • Fresh Water Rinsing: Assures no sticky residues are left behind, often a result of in-home rug cleaning. Much like shampoo used on the hair, carpet shampoo formulas have what are called surfactants that attach to dirt and grime and carries it out of the material upon rinsing. Without a proper rinsing technique, chemical residue can be left behind damaging fine rugs over a long period of time.
  • Grooming Prior To Drying: Proper grooming gives special care to the rug’s nap or pile direction.
  • Tower Drying: Properly utilizing temperature, humidity and airflow is critical when drying wool rugs. Increased airflow, heat and low humidity are essential to completing the rug cleaning process.

Wool oriental rugs bring age and sophistication to the bathroom. Finding great color contrast and compliment can benefit the space. Typically a well woven and bright colored bathroom oriental rug is designed for a larger bathroom area. There are, however, many runner options for smaller spaces that flow well in front of any vanity or shower area. This is the best way to add character and warmth as wool orientals go great over tile or marble as well.

With the rug’s home being the wettest place in the house, there is a need for the proper care of an oriental rug to ensure it’s longevity; especially if there’s high dollar value and rarity involved. Steam Sweepers LLC specializes in expert restoration and maintenance of oriental and specialty rugs. With attention to every customer and 18 years of guaranteed quality care, there isn’t a more qualified professional that services carpet, upholstery, tile, grout and fine area rugs.