Remove Pet Urine From Carpet

Remove Pet Urine From Carpet

The way to remove pet urine from carpet is fairly straightforward.  Pets are precious members of the family but unfortunately, they often have accidents that leave pet urine, odor and stains on your carpet. The question is how do you clean up the mess completely so the stain and smell are completely gone? Your best bet is to call in professional carpet cleaners!

When you have stains or odors bad enough that you are having trouble getting rid of them, it can seem like the only solution is to replace your carpet but that can be really expensive. Hire a carpet cleaning company who uses a black light and probe to determine if pet urine has penetrated the carpets backing and padding. The answer can help you decide which cleaning method best suits your needs.

Four Common Procedures for Cleaning Pet Urine

1. For intensely ground in pet odors and stains, the carpet can be pulled up and the affected pad is removed. The sub-floor is then cleaned and sealed, the carpet backing is sealed, the carpet fibers are treated and the carpet padding is replaced. The carpet is then re-installed and a professional carpet cleaning is done. This is a very effective method, but also a very expensive one.

2. If the pet urine hasn’t seeped in the carpet backing, a less invasive method can be employed. Special enzymes are poured, sprayed or injected onto the carpet fibers and possibly into the carpet padding as well. When the enzymes make contact with the odor source, urine solids begin to break down and help with odor control.

3. Truck Mount steam cleaning is an effective tool for deep cleaning dirty carpets but it does not remove pet urine from the carpet backing, padding, or subfloor. Having your carpets cleaned before removing the pet urine may make the problem worse. A deodorizer can be applied during the carpet cleaning process but this masks the odor instead of removing it. Please note that if the pet odor problem is only caused by animal dander and body oils, a Truck Mounted carpet steam cleaning may do the trick.

4. Sub-surface extraction is an ideal method to remove pet odor and stains because it combines the powerful truck-mount system and the sub-surface extractor called the Water Claw.

Sub-Surface Extraction Removes Pet Urine Odor and Stains

After the pet urine has been located, a cleaning solution aimed at removing pet urine and odor is applied to the spots. The solution is allowed to completely saturate the affected areas, flowing right through the carpet fibers and seeping into the carpet’s backing, padding and sub-floor. This means that the liquid is reaching the entire odor source. The solution is designed to rehydrate, emulsify and break down pet urine solids to prepare for extraction and a fresh water rinse. A technician would then use the Water Claw to flush out the solution and remove pet solids and stains. The liquid is sent to a holding tank in a van outside your house. Ninety percent of pet urine odors and stains are removed using this process.

How Should I Clean a Rug that has been Damaged by Pet Urine?

To clean pet urine out of a fine Oriental or specialty area rug you will need to employ a total immersion washing process. To protect your rug, it is advisable to seek the help of professionals.

Don’t give up on your carpet or area rug because of stubborn pet urine odor and stains. Call a professional carpet cleaning company for help!