Persian Rug Cleaning in Bellingham & Mount Vernon

Persian rugs are the benchmark for all hand-knotted rugs throughout the world. The variety of colors, patterns and sizes are unlimited. Many of the vintage rugs have natural dyes, typically pre-1950. A trained eye can determine the region of Iran or tribe where a rug was woven. Some of the patterns, motifs and weaves have a regional story behind them, dating back hundreds of years. Rugs woven after 1950, especially today, are more difficult to determine specific regions because of the commercialization in the industry. Rug patterns, motifs, and colors, not so much the weave, are re-created in larger cities of Iran rather than their original tribal regions. Today’s rugs are woven for the desires of the world market rather than local and regional desires of the people of Iran. Regardless, Persian rugs manufactured today or pre-1950 are gorgeous and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Persian rugs are immersion washed, a centuries-old process still used exclusively in the Middle East and right here at Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning. A gentle process that has restored beauty and value to rugs for hundreds of years.

We assist customers in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Stanwood, Oak Harbor, Anacortes and more cities in our Northwest Washington service area. Call or contact us online to consult with a Steam Sweepers Persian rug cleaning expert.

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When to Clean Your Persian Rug

Most hand-knotted rugs are high value purchases of family heirlooms especially, especially Persian rugs. Sometimes it’s obvious, a food or beverage spill, maybe a four-legged companion accident. Sometimes not so obvious? wool rugs inherently hide 75% of soil deep within the rugs pile and foundation. As the rug naturally wears the fibers break down and fall deep into the rug’s foundation along with accumulated dust and everyday soiling. Over a rather short period of time the debris accumulates, and acts like sandpaper, with each step or pivot on the rug you make it depreciates longevity for a rug that can last century.

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Some red flag reasons to call Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning

  • Spills that can become permanent rug stains.
  • Noticeable rug odor
  • Pet Urine odor removal
  • Dull or fading colors.
  • Also, try our cleaning for longevity test.
    • Turn your rug upside down on a hard surface floor.
    • Grab a vacuum with a good beater bar.
    • Vacuum the back of the rug thoroughly.
    • Lift the rug and expose the area where your rug was laying upside down.
    • With a broom sweep the area.
    • You will get your results in the dustpan if your rug needs to be professionally dusted and immersion washed.
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Get Regular Persian Rug Cleaning

Steam Sweepers suggests you clean your Persian rug every 1 to 3 years. Cleaning depends on many factors like foot traffic, pets, and kids. Sometimes, your Persian rug cleaning is needed more often. Assessing these factors helps ensure the best rug maintenance and results. Keep your Persian rug in its best possible condition and appearance year-round.

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Why Us For Your Persian Rug in Stanwood?

At Steam Sweepers, our cleaning approach for Persian rugs involves a centuries-old handwashing technique. Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic, and we've provided the highest quality rug cleaning and care for 27 years. We're dedicated to giving you the best results, customer service, and total satisfaction. Your clean, vibrant Persian rug will be the proof.

Trust Us For Your Persian Rug Care & Cleaning in Bellingham

Don't let dirt or dust detract from the beauty of your space. We clean all rug types, and our expertise extends to rug repair, odor removal, and much more. Rely on Steam Sweepers Rug Cleaning for the most professional rug cleaning. Call us today at 360-762-3020 or contact us online to consult a Steam Sweepers Persian rug cleaning specialist.

We offer area rug pickup and drop-off in Oak Harbor, Friday Harbor, Bellingham, Mount Vernon, and more Washington cities.

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Bellingham, WA

Dixie was a first time customer and she was delighted to find a local company that specialized in immersion washing and rug repair of oriental rugs. This antique Persian Sarouk has been in her family for generations and she's getting it ready to pass...

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Eastsound, WA

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I highly recommend Steam Sweepers LLC!!! Easy drop off - friendly and timely service. Our Persian rug looks fantastic after cleaning by Steam Sweepers!

Whatcom County, WA

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I have this wall hanging that my late mother made probably 50 years ago. It has great sentimental value for me. It was in dire need of cleaning, most of the border was dark gray with dirt. I took it to a dry cleaners but after having it for a week t...

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I am always delighted with my rugs after cleaning at Steam Sweepers! Thanks so much for taking good care of my rugs. They are precious mementos of life abroad and Steam Sweepers does such a wonderful job of cleaning them well, adding moth protecti...

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