Odor Elimination

We can guarantee odor removal if you own a woven area rug. The above photo on the left is a woven rug. Woven rugs can be hand knotted or machine made. It could be a Persian wool hand knotted rug crafted in Iran or a cheap knockoff, machine made with polypropylene in China. In the United States we manufacture some very nice durable wool machined rugs, made by Karastan. If you examine the above photos you’ll notice the rugs pattern is visible on the backside of a woven rug whereas on a tufted rug the pattern is NOT visible at all.

Odors we remove with a guarantee on woven rugs:

  • Cat urine.
  • Dog urine.
  • Animal dander.
  • Dust Mites and particulates.
  • Odors from rugs used as yoga mats.
  • Mothball smell.
  • Musty smells from stored area rugs.

Maybe  yourself or a local carpet cleaner surface cleaned an area rug and it didn’t dry fast enough. You know the smell after leaving laundry in the washing machine for a couple days? Yes, we guarantee removing that musty mold smell.

Why is Steam Sweepers LLC  guaranteeing odor removal for woven rugs while other companies offer odor control? Two reasons!

We totally immerse contaminated rugs!

We have proprietary products formulated to remove odors, full immersion fresh water rinsing leaves your rug odor and chemical free.